There are lots of different ways to help the O'Fallon Homecoming Association:
1.  Merchant Donations:  Merchants who offer up time, services, products, or monetary donations, are our Homecomings angels.  Merchants who do this receive a cardstock plaque of an angel that reads "I support the Homecoming" and they also get a link on our Sponsor page to their company's website. 
      Monies collect this way will either go towards the cost of running our fair, or be put into the proceeds that go to help the organization the Homecoming Association has decided to help.  (In years past we have donated monies to the O'Fallon Park Board for  the purchase and improvement of the park system in O'Fallon, Illinois  we are currently looking at supporting our Volunteer Fire Department.)
2.  Float Sponsorship:  Some merchants, or persons who desire, can sponsor one of the floats.  Contact our float Chairman Dee Van Etten about this.  The monies collected for this go to help pay for building materials required to make the magnificent floats one sees in the Homecoming Parade, or to help pay for High School Bands or Shriner Units (Krazy Klowns, Oriental Band, Motor Tricycles, etc.) who in turn use the money they get from us to support their high school band or things like Shriner's Cripple Children or Burn Unit Hospitals.
3.  Miss O'Fallon Donation or Program Ad:  The monies collected for Miss O'Fallon via donations, car washes, or program ads, go to help defray the cost of running the pageant (pay for the crown, shash, roses, program printing, prize money) or go to the Miss O'Fallon Scholarship fund, from which the winning young lady receives her scholarship.  Contact the members of the Miss O'Fallon Committee for further information on this.