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Saturday, November 26th, 2011

Parade line up 5:00 PM - Parade Start 6:00 p.m.

For information on the Little Mister & Miss Snowflake Contest/Raffle click HERE!

Here are the rules and guidelines for our Christmas Parade:


I.     Being in the Parade


       A.  All persons who wish to be in the parade must contact the parade chairperson, or president.  If you do not do so by the week before the parade, you will either not be able to participate or be haphazardly thrown in at the end. (It takes a lot of work to layout a parade so that bands and dancers and floats aren't all on top of one another, same kind of performance all together, etc.)


      B.   Businesses who wish to put in a float or have walkers in the parade, there is a fee of fifty dollars ($50)*.


      C.   All persons building/ entering a non-homecoming-owned float, the charge is fifty dollars ($50).


      D.   The parade lines up at 5:00 p.m. with kick off at 6:00 p.m.  please be on time when reporting in as the streets are narrow and it is hard to reorganize once a majority of the people are staged and blocking the street.


II.     Rules regulations for floats


       A.  All float entries must be of a Christmas theme - no advertisement whatsoever.   In order to ensure that we do not have multiples of the same kind of float (think of a parade of one Nativity, five Grinches, five Rudolphs, and one Santa), all themes must be approved by the Float Chairperson,


       B.   There may be no depiction of Santa Claus whatsoever on your float. (no half peeking around the tree or stairs, no pair of legs sticking out from the chimney or fireplace.)  We have children watching the parade who believe in that jolly elf and we have the Santa Claus float at the very end.  No need to confuse the children.


       C.   This is a night time illuminated parade, which means the parade goes on after/during the dark.  All floats must therefore be lit up in some manner via lights.  It being Christmas we prefer lots and lots of Christmas lights or small, yard spot lights in Christmas colors (red, green, yellow, white).


       D.    All persons entering a float that is not owned by the O'Fallon Homecoming Association, must pay a fifty dollar ($50) entry fee*.


       E.    One's group, business, or family name may be in nice print on the back corners of the float only, title card (name of float) placed on the side's center.



                      /                                                                                   \

                     / -------------------------------------------------------- \

                    / | Spnsr |              |  Gingerbread Men|                 | Klohrs| \

                   /  ----------------------------------------------------------  \


                        (_____)                                                         (_______)



        F.  Businesses who do not wish to build a float, but would like to sponsor a float, sponsorship is a donation of two-hunred fifty dollars ($250)*.   If your business sponsors a float, their name will be placed on the sides towards the front corners.


       G.  Floats who have followed the rules and registered may sign up to compete in the float judging contest.  First, Second, & Third place awards will be given in either monetary amounts or trophies, depending upon cash availability.


      * Money from Sponsorships and Entry fees are used to help pay for building materials for O'Fallon Homecoming Association owned floats, helping to defray insurance cost, or may go towards prize money.